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In a time when there seems no alternative to rampant western imperialism and the poverty and violence it creates, it is time to look again at communism.  We need to sweep away the mass of untruths that have for many become  the common wisdom about the communist era. Socialists need to regain their confidence in themselves and their alternative to capitalism.  Supporting this blog is part of supporting the only hope for a better world.

Rebuilding our movement means a proper investigation of the record of communism. It means evaluating the facts and statistics to strip away the misleading information that bourgeois writers have disseminated.  The ultimate verdict on communism here is that it was overwhelmingly successful until betrayed by top leadership groups who wanted to abandon the working class and re-create capitalism for the benefit of themselves and those who supported their line.  This is not a verdict that is reached by ignoring inconvenient facts or contrary evidence.  In this blog, you will find examinations of the academic evidence concerning such issues as alleged communist genocides in the Great Leap Forward and the Soviet Union of the 1930s. It also examines the evidence about the supposed economic inferiority of socialism.  Research that gives a negative verdict on aspects of the socialist experience is not ignored but analysed in an objective way. Ultimately though, it is shown that the allegations of genocide are untrue and that socialist societies are economically superior to capitalism unless undermined by those who are meant to be leading them.

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